Our Food Safety Systems

Mount Gambier Foods are fully HACCP acredited for procurement, storage and distribution of all food products.  Our externally audited HACCP (Food Safety) program has been in place for over 15 years.

We are licensed by Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) and by SA Fisheries for proccesing, storage, transport, distribution and sales of seafood products. We are also accredited by the Meat Hygene Authority for storage. transport and sales of meat products, and we are regularly inspected to ensure we comply with and exceed all local, state and federal requirements.

Our Cold Store is controlled and monitored by a sophisticated computerised system which ensures optimal operation, and provides instant 24hr alarms in the event of a plant malfunction or temperature variation.

We operate a fleet of seven modern vehicles fitted with “state of the art” refrigeration systems ensuring all products are delivered to our customers at the right temperatures. All of our refrigerated delivery vehicles are equiped with GPS / Temperature tracking, so that not only can we see where our vehicles are, but we can also monitor and record the temperature in both the chiller and freezer sections of each vehicle in real time.

Our customers can therefore rest assured when they purchase from us, that their goods have been sourced, stored, handled and delivered with safety and correct temperature control as a paramount concern.



Click for a copy of our current HACCP Certificate